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We believe that a business should not only exist to earn a profit, but should defend a social approach related to the Economy for the Common Good, to the detriment of CSR policies (Corporate Social Responsibility), which often try to make companies look good when they are not.

Our company, Món Orxata works like a cooperative:

  • No-one earns more than 3 times the wage of the lowest paid staff member.
  • No dividends are distributed (they are reinvested into the company and the people who form the company).
  • The most important decisions are made collectively in transversal internal meetings.
  • We generate sustainable employment in sectors at risk of social exclusion.
  • The minimum salary is 30% higher than the national minimum wage.
  • We promote a “0 Km” product from our vegetable farm.
  • We promote organic agriculture as a sustainable and profitable model for rural enhancement and the defence of our age-old vegetable farm.
  • We cooperate by offering free horchata at alternative events.

And, in spite of all of this, we still have the feeling that we can improve a lot more, this planet needs it.