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We believe that a company must go beyond what is merely profitability by defending a social approach linked to the Economy for the Common Good, to the detriment of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policies that often seek to make up for solidarity with companies they are not.

At Món Orxata we have a cooperative way of understanding our company:

· No one’s salary is more than 3 times than the one who wins less.
· Dividends are not distributed (they are reinvested in the company itself and in the people who make it up).
· We make the most important decisions collectively.
· We generate sustainable employment in sectors at risk of social exclusion.
· The minimum wage is significantly higher than the standard professional minimum wage.
· We promote a “Km O” product from our garden.
· We promote organic farming as a sustainable for rural revitalization.

And despite this, we still have the feeling that we still have a lot to improve, this planet needs it.