Our slogan is “Món Orxata, the best horchata in the world”.

We have good friends who are horchata makers, artisans like Subies, Rin or La Casa de l’ Orxata, among others, who also prepare excellent horchatas and we do not want to be misinterpreted or considered arrogant.

However, understand that for us (in Món Orxata, 90% of us are women), our horchata is…

…the Bordeaux…the caviar…the Rolls Royce of horchata.

Because we make the only organic natural horchata with Denomination of Origin in the market, because we grow our tigernuts in the same way that they have been grown for almost 1000 years, without any type of chemical fertilisers, because we sell it in our carts with all the love in the world and the sweat of our brows, ladle by ladle, day by day.

Our horchata is the only product in which we do want to innovate. We believe that sometimes…”the future is the past”.

We have tried to prepare it with modern machines, but we do not like the horchata that they make.

Sometimes, the traditional methods of making things cannot be substituted if we want to achieve the artisan quality of our grandparents’ days.

For this reason, in Món Orxata we prepare our horchata every morning in Alboraia with traditional machines that we would not change for all the technology in the world.

We do not pasteurise or add anything which is not tigernut or water, because that is all that is in an authentic horchata:

Gritty (without cheating by adding rice flour, like some people do), intense, virgin, raw, with the age-old flavour of the vegetable garden, and with only 5 days expiration date when refrigerated, but with outstanding medicinal and nutritional properties (inexistent in industrial horchatas).

For this reason, and with the endorsement of thousands of clients and fans, we dare to shout to the wind: “Món Orxata, the best horchata in the world”.