The Orxata Coffee Shops are like the horchata version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

A space dedicated to the worship and distribution of these jewels of the Valencian land, that are the tigernut and horchata, dignifying their flavour in the same way as other seeds have already achieved, e.g. cocoa and coffee.

The Orxata Coffee Shop is an unrivalled present for lovers of the tigernut and horchata, since the majority of the products which are sold there are unique in the world and are made using tigernuts and/or horchata.

We have woven various alliances with chefs and other small artisan companies to develop our products in an absolutely groundbreaking way:

Tigernut flour, pastry made with tigernut flour, tigernut chocolate, jams, tigernut honey, cosmetics, etc…

We have a wide, fun range of quality products for immediate consumption, such as horchata frappes, horchata classics, horchata cocktails, various flavours of horchata ice-cream, pies made with tigernut flour, coca de llanda (typical Valencian cake), etc.

Our Orxata Coffee Shops are located in the old town of Vila-Real (c/. Colón 26), and Joaquín Sorolla de Valencia Station (c/. San Vicente s.n.). We are especially proud of what we have achieved in an old workhouse in Vila-Real, where Món Orxata has become the meeting point of all the young people and adolescents of Vila-Real. Not surprisingly, we’re fondly known as the “Starbucks of Horchata”.

We’re also in the AVE station in Valencia. At last an alternative premises, which is organic and brand new, run by the lovely Laurita, Elena and Dolors.