Since 2003, it has been a pleasure for us to open the doors of our small artisan workshop in Alboraia to all the companies, associations and people who have asked us to.

We have had visits from groups of farmers, agricultural engineers, bloggers from many different countries, groups of Valencian school children who are always visiting, housewives’ associations, disabled groups, agricultural trade unions, chefs, journalists, adults’ colleges, summer schools, and many, many more.

We have so many requests for visits that we have created a small department called “Orxata Tours”, which is coordinated by our lovely colleague, Laura.

The visit consists of two parts; firstly, we visit a tigernut field and we explain the history of this magic seed and of the land where it grows.

Following the trip around the farm, we visit the workshop and explain the method used to prepare real horchata, which doesn’t last more than 5 days in the fridge. We show you the evolution of our horchata carts from the past right through to the present day and you can see their ecological cooling system.

Of course, the visit is accompanied by horchata and fartons (long sponge cakes) in the very place which provides the mobile carts with natural horchata. These carts are now a symbol of the gastronomy and tourism of our city.

  • Minimum group 20 people

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  • Contact person: Laura Andrés

Telf. 961 861 561