In 2014, the Slow Food movement asked MÓN ORXATA (Horchata World) to give some talks on tigernuts and horchata (tigernut milk).

Summarizing millions of years of history of the exciting and unknown tigernut is not easy, but here goes this study, homegrown from many sleepless nights, investigating, enjoying, finding some answers, leaving common sense to glimpse others.

Special thanks for inspiring Carlos Azcoytia.

To the small farmers who worthily grow tigernuts in Valencia and in the world.

To our beloved horchateras and the Món Orxata team. You are the best!

And of course, to the great tigernut lovers from whom we have learned such as the scientists of the CSIC JoseLuis Navarro, Pepe Carbonell and Gaspar Pérez, the old sage of “l´horta” Cristofol Martí, the most excellent Doctor Bixquert, etc.

And apologies to all those we did not mention for our poor memory.

Acknowledgments and strength to anthropologists, archaeologists, botanists and the rest of the scientific community whose work allows us to better understand who we are and the disastrous future to which we are heading if we do not modify straight forward and with generosity our unsustainable way of life as a human species.

We should also mention the Protected Designation of Origin “Chufa de Valencia”, which under European guarantee ensures that this ancient Valencian tradition is kept alive.

Finally, we request that people who wish to use this material freely, please do so by mentioning us in their bibliography or through “links”, as we always do in this our blog or in Món Orxata with the work of others. Thank you.

Enjoy it, dear lovers and various freaks of tigernut, and prepare for a ..

                         Intense journey!!