Món Orxata street pushcarts

Món Orxata (“Tigernut Milk World”) is the only company dedicated to dignifying & protecting

the oldest way of selling Orxata, a 400-year-old tradition: the Tigernut milk street carts.

The authentic Valencian Street Food.

60 families we live with dignity from our work in the tigernut fields and on the streets thanks to the tigernut street carts.

Our History

The horchata (tigernut milk) street carts are a cultural and gastronomic heritage of our land.

Món Orxata guards this ancestral trade and ensures that authentic tiger nut milk is returned to the historical, agricultural and tourist position that we understand belongs to it.

This is our history, know us


Món Orxata Services

We are dedicated to the rental and distribution of tigernut milk street carts.


Tigernut Street Carts

Add an original, local & refreshing touch to your events with our tigernut carts.

Meet our Tigernut Carts

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Out of the Box Gifts

Forget about boring tourist gifts… surprise with a unique tradition, Tigernuts!

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Tigernut Tours

Learn about the history of the tiger nut, the orxata, and its handcraft process in the purest traditional organic style.

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In your shop

Do you have a shop and want to make your customers enjoy local organic tiger nut & horchata products?

Our Services

Our Street Carts

We have 3 patented models of carts, 100% autonomous and eco-sustainable.

They are powered by solar energy and ice: they do not need a plug, nor do they consume energy, nor do they emit gases, noise, or any pollution.

Our carts comply with all the legal, technical and sanitary requirements.




Avant-garde design trolley in fiberglass and stainless steel. Harmonizes in diverse architectural environments.

Capacity: 70 litres.

carrito horchata


Carrito de doble cuba en acero y fibra de vidrio. Diseñado para destacar en cualquier contexto.

Capacidad: 140 litres.

carrito vintage


Carrito de madera que recrea con exactitud los carritos de horchata de los siglos XVIII y XIX.

Capacidat: 100 litros.

Our Tiger nut & Tigernut Milk

At Món Orxata (The World of Tigernut Milk: “Món” stands for “World” while “Orxata” means “Tigernut Milk” in Valencian & Catalan languages) we only make Raw Organic Tigernut Milk with machinery from the last century and exclusively using Valencian Tigernuts from our own crops.

We grow our tiger nuts as they have been cultivated in Valencia for 1,300 years, without chemical fertilizers (we are endorsed by the Organic Agriculture Committee and protected by the Designation of Origin Tiger Nut of Valencia).

Our Horchata (“Tigernut Milk” in Spanish) is the only product in which we do not want to innovate. We believe that sometimes “the future is the past” when we look for the quality craftsmanship of our grandparents’ time.

We do not pasteurize or add anything other than tiger nuts and water… because that is what authentic horchata is like:

Sandy, deep, virgin, vegan, raw, with the flavor of an ancient orchard, and with only 5 days of expiration between 0º and 2º, but with outstanding nutritional properties.

On our street pushcarts, we cool our horchata in steel vats surrounded by ice: like our ancestors did in the cork, wood and tin “orxata” jars of the past centuries.

This glacial cold and snowdrift tempers the horchata, giving it a complex body, with a slightly earthy bouquet and adorned with aromas of yesteryear.

Served among the street criers and sympathy of our beloved horchateras (tigernut milk street vendor women), poured out ladle by ladle, our raw organic orxata tastes like that dream of the earth named tigernut, like a little piece of heaven.

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We are a social company awarded 19 prizes for Job Insertion & Creation for people at risk of social exclusion, Sustainability, HandCraft and Organic Agro-Ecology.
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