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Horchata 2.0 with a stop at the AVE station


Raw horchata, more aphrodisiac than the industrial packaged one


A study discovers a secret vitamin in horchata: biotin


The tiger nut, present in organic cosmetics


Tigernut Milk like 50 years ago


The “boom” of making plant milk at home becomes trendy


A young entrepreneur creates the “Vegan Milker by Chufamix” to make raw tigernut milk (horchata) at home


Mòn Orxata’s complaint against Facebook reaches the European Commission


The pleasure of buying tiger nut milk (horchata) in a street cart


The tigernut from Món Orxata opens a breach in Facebook


Tigernut milk (orxata) to refresh Julio Iglesias’s essay


Raw Tiger nut milk also circulates on the internet


Món Orxata awarder


Autumn horchata with ginger


Horchata (tigernut vegan milk) reinvents itself to attract young people


Tigernut Growing


You can already make homemade tigernut milk thanks to Vegan Milker invention


The Starbucks of the Tigernut

Research confirms that raw tiger nut milk (horchata) is an aphrodisiac and healthy product

The tiger nut explodes, “El comidista”

Gastronomic review and food critic master Capel with Món Orxata street carts

The Government recognizes the online innovation of the street carts’ onine shop lahorchateria.com

Horchata Tigernut Milk for the outraged in Valencia

Raw Tigernut Milk (horchata): aphrodisiac and healthy

A new way of making horchata (tiger nut beverage) against the “tyranny” of the “brick”

Tigernuts prevent heart attacks and reduce cholesterol

The incredible world of the tiger nut

The organic tiger nut explores the path of cosmetics

The bullet train AVE station will have tiger nuts thanks to Mòn Orxata

Vegan Milker by Chufamix, a Valencia Invention for the World

The tigernut of every day

The European Union invites Mòn Orxata to explain its judicial case against Facebook

Julio Iglesias and his team enjoyed the horchata tiger nut milk

Biocultura awards Mòn Orxata in Barcelona

They discover the secret vitamin of horchata tigernut milk

When the traditional becomes a business with a future

“We want to modernize the sale of horchata and boost its consumption”


Luis Miguel tasted the horchata and fell in love with it


Julio Iglesias, 10 liters of horchata from the street carts at the rehearsals


Alfonsa Gómez


An invention from the Valencian orchard triumphs at a German organic fair Biofach


Món Orxata or how to turn horchata into a new business with a future


Mixture of Valencian and romanticism


Passion for white gold (the tigernut milk)


Món Orxata, “Food from Spain” big Award

Why is natural horchata better than industrial?

British television is interested in tiger nuts and Valencian horchata tiger nut milk

The Valencian horchatería that stood up to Facebook advises the European Commission

Facebook, on trial in Spain for closing a company’s page

An artisan removes the word “fresh” from his horchata so that he does not get fined 4,000 euros

What are we talking about when we talk about fresh horchata?

The CSIC (Scientific National Council) once again extols the natural horchata without sugar (not the packaged one)

The route of the horchata tigernut milk

Projects with hook


The 21st century tiger nut travels on the AVE bullet train


Tiger nut milk to “strengthen” the cells


Horchata Tiger nut milk “floods” the Internet


A Tigernut Milk Maker in each house


Prawns and horchata for a Julio Iglesias who swept yesterday


Chess geniuses surrender to Tigernut Milk


Nerea Monforte, entrepreneur


Valencian tweeters plug into horchata tiger nut milk


Small projects and good ideas are not supported


BioCultura Award


Ratzinger launches Alboraya’s street carts tigernut milk to stardom

They launch a device to make homemade horchata tigernut milk

Innovate and diversify permanently

Woman Today: Trends

The unknown properties of horchata tigernut milk that have captivated NASA

The Valencian company Mòn Orxata wins the prestigious Biocultura 2008 award

Research Discovers Horchata’s ‘Secret Vitamin’: Biotin

La horchata de los famosos “refresca” la red

Mòn Orxata, much more than an artisanal tigernut milk

The complaint against Facebook by a small Valencian company reaches Brussels

From Nature to your glass

Vegan Plant Milks now at Home

The Net of Fresh Tigernut Milk

The chufa is a bad weed but its seed traveled with the pharaohs

Three Green Stories

A kitchen tool for making homemade horchata tigernut milk designed in Cascante del Río

A street tigernut vendor sues Facebook for closing his profile

ADN: The world of the tiger nut

Agri-Culture: Organic Tigernut Milk, the drink of this summer

The street tigernut vendor woman of the port of Valencia

Biocultura Awards 2008

Es Mercadal es converteix en mostrador d´ecologia

The Economist
: A business that mixes tradition and avant-garde

EL TEMPS: The old times Tigernut Milk of the Street Carts

Tigernut Milk Bakeries

The perfect summer drink

La Gaceta de los Negocios: Five young people open a hollow in Spain to sell horchata