Món Orxata (Horchata World) is a small company in Alboraia (Valencia), which is the result of one of earth’s dreams: the tigernut.

Formed in 2003, our company aims to return the tigernut and traditional horchata to the historical, agricultural, gastronomic, commercial and tourism position which we believe it deserves as a star product in our ancient valencian garden.

Without wishing to, through our hard work and passion about the tigernut and horchata (we are 100% horchata addicts), from its early days, Món Orxata has revolutionised the world of the tigernut and horchata, setting trends with pioneering projects such as the recovery of the traditional horchata carts, the development of new products using tigernuts and horchata, the first online shop in the sector, the revolutionary Vegan Milker by Chufamix, etc…