Our Orxata Coffee Shop is like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory but in a Tigernut version.

A space dedicated to the worship and spread of these treasures from the Valencian garden, the tigernut and the horchata, dignifying its essence like other seeds that have already achieved it, cocoa and coffee.

The Orxata Coffee Shop is an incomparable gift for tigernut lovers since most of the products we have are unique in the world and are made with a base of tigernut and /or raw tigernut milk horchata.

We have woven a series of alliances with chefs and other small artisan companies to develop these products in an absolutely pioneering way:

Tiger nut meal, confectionery & biscuits made with tigernut flour, tigernut chocolate, tigernut nougat, jams of tigernuts and orange, horchata jam, and jam of t igernut and strawberries), honey with tigernuts, tigernut liqueur cream, tigernut soaps, cosmetic based on tigernut oil, etc …

For immediate consumption we have a fun and wide range of quality products such as tigernuts milk frappes, orxata classics, tigernuts milk cocktails, tigernut ice cream, etc…

Our Orxata Coffee Shop is located at the Joaquín Sorolla train station in Valencia (c /. San Vicente s.n.).

Finally, a local, organic and Km O alternative at the fast train station attended by our beloved Carmen and Dolors.