We have developed a groundbreaking range of alternative products which are derivatives of the tigernut and horchata, like horchata soaps, body oils, pastries made with tigernut flour, tigernut and almond nougat (turrón), chocolates, jams, etc.

Although the majority of people don’t know it, the tigernut has been used for thousands of years for different purposes, and in Món Orxata we have been pioneers in recovering these ancient alternative uses which various cultures have given to the tigernut.

If this subject is of interest to you, don’t miss this investigation which we performed when the Slow Food movement asked us to give a series of conferences on the exciting and unknown world of the tigernut and horchata.

If you are one of the people who believe the legend of James I and his phrase “This is gold, darling, or that Arabs brought the tigernut to mainland Spain, or that it originates from Ancient Egypt. Prepare to be surprised!!!

You will probably see that what you know about the tigernut is only the tip of the iceberg.