Tigernut Custom Events

Celebrate your events with raw, vegan and organic tigernut milk horchata in our traditional 400 year carts.

Món Orxata offers you solutions for public or private events of all kinds and we give you different alternatives depending on what you need.

We offer you the healthiest & local product quality and an original presentation through our traditional organic tigernut horchata pushcarts, adaptable to any space and aesthetic you need, with the possibility of customizing them with your own logos, and all without the need for an electrical connection.


Eventos con horchata ecológica

Years of experience in all kinds of events:

  • National congresses.
  • Advertising campaigns.
  • Business communication events.
  • Fairs or gastronomic / ecological days.
  • Popular festivals.
  • Musical concerts.
  • Sports competitions.
  • Family celebrations: weddings, birthdays, etc …

Món Orxata can give you a unique solution with the advice of highly qualified personnel.

Call us and we will assess you with no compromise.

  • Contact: Laura Andrés ·


Telf. 961 861 561