We were the first in 2004, and we remain the only ones in 2020, to elaborate certified organic raw tigernut milk horchata with Designation of Origin of local valencian tigernuts in Alboraya, the cradle of horchata.

We grow our tigernut as it has been cultivated for almost 1000 years, without any chemical fertilizer, supervised by the Committee for Organic Agriculture.

And we sell it in our street carts with all the love in the world, hunt by hunt, day by day.

Our horchata is the only product in which we do not want to innovate.

We believe that sometimes … “the future is the past”.

We have tried to make it with modern machinery but we do not like the horchata that comes out.

Sometimes, the “old” ways of making are irreplaceable if we look for the artisan quality of our grandparents’ time.

We neither pasteurize nor add anything other than tigernuts and water because this is the true horchata:

Deep sandy, virgin, vegan, raw, with the flavor of an ancient garden, and with only 5 days of expiration in a refrigerated environment between 0º and 2º, but with outstanding nutritional and medicinal properties (industrial horchatas are non-existent in many cases).

In our workshop, only horchata from tigernuts is made, so our horchata is 100% free of traces of gluten, nuts, soy, etc., being suitable for people with food intolerances.