Tigernut milk carts for Events

Món Orxata Services

You will find us in all kinds of events in Valencia and Alicante with our own brand, or with our tigernut carts personalized with our customers logo and brand equity:

Cirque du Soleil, UNESCO, United Nations, Universities, Palace of Congresses, Trade Shows, etc.

We also serve orxata in marathons, sailing regattas, Paralympics, at reggae, jazz, or hard rock festivals, fairs in wonderful lost villages or in large cities like Barcelona and Madrid.

monorxata soleil

Inauguration of “Luzia” by CIRQUE DU SOLEIL (July 2022)

With an anecdote we summarize it:

A Falla from the Special Section called us desperate: they needed horchata to squirt out of a huge boob that paid homage to Bigas Luna and Berlanga cinema directors

We brought 100 liters of well-watered horchata for the occasion, a motor and a hose, and that teat launched bursts of horchata to the joy and delight of those present.

That’s how crazy we are, there is no event that can resist us!

Possibility of “tuning” the tigernut carts with your logo, your face, or even your pet’s!

carritos personalizados fallas

Món Orxata collaborates every year with various Fallas.

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Act for German “food & travel” journalists

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