Tigernut Carts for Weddings

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Spice up your wedding with a Tigernut Pushcart and give it that native and different touch that will surprise and engage all your guests.


Even your mother-in-law will fall in love!


If your wedding is managed by a Wedding Planner, give them our contact and we will coordinate everything with them.

We have experience in fashion weddings for celebrities and influencers, in traditional weddings, and even in hooligan weddings.


carrito horchata boda
carrito horchata boda
carrito horchata boda
enchufados al amor

Our Tigernut Pushcarts

We have 3 patented models of carts, 100% autonomous & eco-sustainable.

They are powered by solar energy and ice: they do not need a plug, nor do they consume energy, neither they emit gases, noise, or any pollution.

Our carts comply with all the legal, technical and sanitary requirements.




Avant-garde design pushcart in fiberglass and stainless steel. Harmonizes in diverse architectural environments.

Capacity: 70 litres.

carrito horchata


Double tank street cart in stainless steel and fiberglass. Designed to stand out in any context.

Capacity: 140 litres.

carrito vintage


Wooden cart that accurately recreates the tiger nut horchata pushcarts of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Capacity: 100 liters.

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