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Pioneers since 2004 working with professional guides, associations, schools, companies in the tourism sector, etc.

We love dismantling all the existing fakes about tiger nuts and horchata spread in thousands of blogs and articles.

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ALTERNATIVE 1 – In our Street Carts

Group discounts on visits to the street carts in emblematic spaces of Valencia: La Virgen old square, Cathedral, Nord Train Station, City of Arts, etc.

This alternative is only accessible to guides and tourist companies that want to surprise their clients by showing them a 400-year-old tradition: horchata carts.

If you are a Guide, we also offer you personalized training in Alboraia and the possibility of obtaining the “Tigernut & Orxata Professional Guide Card” (become a “Tigernut Fake Fighter”!).

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ALTERNATIVE 2 – In our “Home” in Alboraya.

Since 2006, at Món Orxata we have always had our doors open for visits from schools, associations, gourmets, and all kinds of public and private entities.

The instructive and fun “ORXATA & TIGERNUT TOUR” consist of:

– Visiting the ancient orchard & organic tigernut fields. History, harvest, architectural environment, curiosities…

– Visit to our handcraft artisan Orxata Factory. Understand how the raw organic tigernut milk is done nowadays and centuries ago.

– History of the street pushcarts, a 400 year tradition.

– Orxata tasting with fartons.

Approximate duration: 1 hour. Minimum Group: 8 people.


ADDITIONALLY to the “Tigernut Tour”, there is the possibility of hiring:

– “Pack” Orxata Museum & Món Orxata.

Approximate duration: 3 hours. Minimum Group: 20 people.

– Workshops in Homemade Tigernut Milk

Approximate duration: 30 minutes. Minimum Group: 15 people.

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Key Points for an unforgettable “Orxata Tour”:



Horchata (Tigernut Milk) production process: We can see it live in visits planned two weeks in advance in “low season” (March, April, May, September, October), or, coordinated a few days in advance in “high season” ( June, July and August).



Visit to a field of tiger nuts (50 meters from Món Orxata facilities): the tiger nut fields are portrayed in all their splendor from June to October. We sow in April and harvest in November, the last month in which we carry out “Tigernut & Orxata Tours”.

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